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CHRYSLER PAIS 4 electronic parts catalog

System requirements

CPU: Pentium 133
Hard disk: 10 Mb free
RAM: 64 Mbytes
Display: 1024x768
Languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Portugese
Browser: Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10

Parts catalogue Chrysler PAIS 4

The electronic parts catalog CHRYSLER PAIS 4 contains the catalogue of parts and accessories for cars and off-roads of CHRYSLER for all markets include US, CANADA, MEXICO, EXPORT and CKD. In catalog also available other Chrysler brands as Dodge, Jeep, Plymouth, Eagle.
The parts catalog CHRYSLER PAIS 4 occupies two DVDs. Available only complete installation the catalog and require 10Gb free space on HDD.
To work with the catalog is very easy, there is a filtration VIN, for the additional equipment, for region. In the help information there is a complete decoding VIN with Sales Codes, such as the engine and others given of the automobile.

Screen-shots parts catalog CHRYSLER PAIS 4 US, CANADA, MEXICO, EXPORT, CKD 1024x768 (Click on picture for large view)

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