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ETKA 7 models list:

Volkswagen 1947-2012 >>
Audi 1973-2012 >>
Seat 1992-2012 >>
Skoda 1977-2012 >>

Version catalogs ETKA 7:

VW update 855
SEAT update 383
SKODA update 389
AUDI update 855

ETKA 7 AUDI/VW/SEAT/SKODA electronic parts catalog

System requirements

CPU: Pentium 133
Hard disk: 2600 Mbytes free
RAM: 64 Mbytes
Display: 1024x768
Languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Russian

Parts catalog ETKA 7

The electronic parts catalog ETKA 7 AUDI/VW/SEAT/SKODA contains the catalogue of spare parts and accessories for VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI (include minibus VOLKSWAGEN), SEAT and SKODA for all markets (Brasil, China, Europe, Mexico, Southern Africa, USA).
The parts catalog ETKA 7 occupies one DVD, it is possible to install only completely on the HDD and require 2600Mb of free space on HDD, has support many languages.
From 01/06/2010 catalog ETKA 7 not allows to use VIN of the car for full identification car and not require connection to Internet. Without connection to Internet the catalog also allows to use VIN of the car for identification and carries out a filtration using it, but chassis number is not taken into account and you can identify only model and year of car, for other info (engine, transmission) you need make select manually. In the catalog there is a function of search of application of the spare part (ATP or TVN), and also information concerning to replacements and returnable parts, information on dropped replacements.
In catalog available the prices in EURO, also Price-list available on separate CD.

Screen-shots parts catalog AUDI/VW/SEAT/SKODA ETKA 7 1024x768 (Click on picture for large view)

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Download AUDI/VW/SEAT/SKODA ETKA 7 parts catalog:


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