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HONDA EPC electronic parts catalog

System requirements

CPU: Pentium 133
Hard disk: 25-1200 Mb free
RAM: 64 Mbytes
Display: 800x600
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Parts catalog HONDA EPC

The electronic parts catalog HONDA EPC contain parts catalogue information for cars which were imported on the European market (include RHD), from 1982 year.
Parts catalog HONDA EPC occupies two CDs (old versions) or one DVD, require for installation a 25Mb of free space on HDD, by default program at work uses CD or DVD. In the parts catalog there is a search by VIN, search by model, management of Job-list, flat-rates, price of spare parts, also convenient interface and qualitative illustrations.
For full installation of catalog HONDA EPC on HDD need before installation make copy all files and dirs from DVD on HDD and run installation from HDD. That in the catalog to increase any illustration, enough click on it by the right button of "mouse".

If you got error after start installation, run Regedit, find and remove HKLM\SOFTWARE\HONDA\EPC\13.00\(depend from old version installed).

Parts catalog HONDA EPC models list:

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