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Доставка: Почта 1-й класс
Срок: 5-12 рабочих дней


Models list:
V90 1997-98
V70 XC 2001-02
V70 XC 1998-00
V70 2000-02
V70 1997-00
V40 1996-03
S90 1997-98
S80 1999-02
S70 1997-00
S60 2001-02
S40 1996-03
C70 Coupe 1998-02
C70 Conv 1998-02

Old models list:
960 1991-97
940 1991-98
850 1992-97
760 1982-90
740 1984-92
260 1975-85
240 1975-93

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System requirements

CPU: Pentium 133
Hard disk: 2,9 Gb free
RAM: 64 Mbytes
Display: 800x600
Languages: English
OS: Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP
Internet Explorer 5.5>

The program VOLVO VADIS contains the catalogue of spare parts, the detailed and full description of repair and diagnostics of all units of the automobile, including detailed electric schemes, tightening torques, process of assembly and disassembly of the engine and other units, body sizes for an extract of a body, detailed repair transmission automatic and manual, repair of coupling, steering management, the conditioner, all electric components and blocks of the management, the necessary special tool, and as other information for all cars of the mark VOLVO (from 240 up to V70XC).
The program occupiese one DVD. You can completely install the program on HDD or work with DVD disk, the program supports only English language.
Despite of the simple interface to work with the program it is not always convenient.

Screen-shots 1024x768 (Click on picture for large view)

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